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What are ICF Thermoblocks ?

ICF thermoblock is an insulated concrete formwork (ICF) construction technology – creating reinforced concrete walls completely wrapped in insulation, eliminating all cold spots.

ICF thermoblock technology consists of expanded polystyrene (EPS) components that are used as “lost” formwork for plain or cast-in-place reinforced concrete walls. These components are supplied in the form of a block consisting of two EPS walls.

Benefits of ICF Thermoblocks

Saving energy

Saves energy for heating and air conditioning

Fast & easy construction

Your house can be ready within two weeks! And this is an insulated house with the most reliable reinforced concrete walls.

High quality

High quality expanded polystyrene, the block does not crumble and does not break.

Flexibility of shapes

Wide choice of shapes in designing buildings

Exceptional structure

Exceptional structures that will stand the test of time

Easy transportation

One thermoblock weighs only 0.60kg so it is easy to handle and transport

Where are ICF blocks used

Our ICF construction method can be built on strip, trench or pile foundations as part of a unified system that provides a complete thermal enclosure.
ICF blocks can be used for all external and internal load-bearing walls in a property – from the basement to the underside of the roof. Since the exterior and interior walls of the ICF are built together in levels, they form a monolithic concrete structure.
The ICF system is used on a variety of building types, from basements, townhouses, terrace flats to six-storey apartment blocks. It’s a quick and effective method for any type of design, whether it’s a modern curved building or a traditional vernacular style.
Family houses
Swimming pools

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