• Geometric dimensions LxWxH: 1000 x 200-550 x 250 mm
  • Volume weight (density): 35 kg / m3*
  • Weight of 1 block: 2 kg (+- 5%)
  • Wall thickness: 2×50 mm
  • Concrete capacity per block(m2): 125 l.

It consists of two walls made of expanded polystyrene, which are connected to each other by adjustable polypropylene (plastic) lintels.

It is used as a basic building element in low-rise and high-rise construction

The traditional simplicity of thermoblock processing is perfect for creating complex architectural forms. This means that you only need hand tools (hand saw…) when working with the thermoblock. This advantage is appreciated by construction professionals.

* Volumetric weight is for guidance only and is intended primarily for statics purposes

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Adjustable width

The adjustable spacer allows the thickness of the bearing (concrete) part of the wall to be varied from 200 mm to 550 mm. This greatly expands the range of the stackable block.

Deep side lock

Another important part of block structure. This lock allows the blocks to be securely joined in a single row, eliminating the possibility of concrete leakage.


Ideal geometry is the calling card of thermoblocks. Thanks to the automation of production and the absence of the human factor, the wall constructed from such thermoblocks is perfectly flat.

Adjustable plastic crossbar

A unique feature of thermoblocks is the radial shape of the crossbar connection to the block wall. It increases the area of the adjacent space. This means that the block becomes maximally resistant to cracking during the pouring of concrete.


High quality control standards ensure that the declared density of the thermoblocks is 25 kg/m3.

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